07 June 2011

Everything Changes

Problems so simple turn out to be so difficult,
People you wouldn't expect are there for you most,
People you don't seem to trust give you the best advices
And why is all that necesarelly?
Because you are stuck in a problem you can't solve
A problem that has been bugging you for too long
A problem that includes HIM.

Who is he? A stranger? A boyfriend? A husband? A lover?
Maybe he's all of the above. No, scratch that
He IS all of the above.
You don't know him, he doesn't know you
You love him, he's not aware
If he only knew what things you want to do to him,
He would be scared.
You'd marry him, spend your whole life beside him
And then cheat on him, with him.
Yes! He really is all of the above

And who are you? A nobody.
He's not aware. Of your smile, your gaze, your love for him
He doesn't feel you watching him, he doesn't know you cry
He's unaware of your undying love for him, in this mortal world.
Your feelings are too strong, your expectations too big
This is the world where you live in.
This is the world where you'll die in.