01 August 2011

Questions Without an Answer Between Two Dancers

In this world, is it possible for two dancers to become one, no matter how different their style is? Can they put it all aside, and become a pair, in the eyes of the dance society? Can two people at opposite ends of the rope, tie the rope so that the two different ends, become one and the same end? Are they strong enough to face all the hardships that may occur while tying everything together? Can they work as a pair? Can they make the other dance to their music? Or are they willing to learn the others music? Can they make a soundtrack of their lives together by combining both music styles? How beautiful would that be? Combining both styles and getting something in between that both dancers could dance. Their own original dance, that follows the music of the heart and the steps of blood circulating through blood vessels. A choreography that follows their story of what will be if put together. A pas-de-deux that can only be danced by those two specific dancers.That's how the rope will shorten its length on its own, so that both dancers will be on the same end. No, same end is wrong said. Both dancers will meet halfway, from there on, the rope will be cut and the only way to stay, is in the middle. Both of them.
Can we make our own choreography together? It will be only between the two of us. No one will know that we are working together. It will be our precious moments, our own steps, our own music, our own life.

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