31 March 2011

A closed door opens a new one! A new story begins here

A day like this should never end. This moment is perfect. It's what I have always wanted.
The golden sun shinning upon us with its rich, warm and protective rays. The green grass slowly caresses us with its tips, delicately. Shivers running down my spine as everything feels euphoric. Your hair on my lap feels as if a hundred feathers slowly and gently tingle on me. Under the golden rays of the sun your dark brown hair is highlighted in gold. Your long dark lashes shine like glitter in the sky. Slowly opening your eyes, through your eyelashes you can see your brown iris so pure, so warm. You look upwards to see me as I slowly brush your hair, of your face, through my fingertips, gently. With a smile you grab my hand and carefully pull me towards you. As I'm only a few inches apart from you, with your other hand you play with a strand of my hair, with caressing movements you go up from my hair to my cheekbone. Your warm hand, this is the warmth I want to feel everyday. Your breath, so warm, so sweet, the fragrance of your body escaping through every pore is surrounding me. At the end of every day spent together I always end up smelling like you. Your soft lips taste like the chocolate-mint ice-cream you ate earlier. Chocolate-mint-lemon, a wonderful combo of perfume and taste mix up in our mouths. I hit something, cold metal, your tongue piercing makes every kiss exciting, hot and full of pleasure. It's hot outside, but I feel hotter inside. Your kiss is driving me crazy, I'm going to get addicted to this feeling. I will need it everyday in order to survive. I want to make this kiss last longer. I bite your piercing so that you can't escape. I can feel you moan. Hmmm... it's not everyday that you moan, and this from only a little kiss. I have found one of your weak spots. The passion is driving me insane. I want to know more and more about you, about your weak spots. I want to discover you bit by bit, particle by particle, atom by atom. I want to know everything. The truth, the lies, the ugly, the bad, the good and the beautiful. Everything that is connected to you is something I would treasure.


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWW :X :-> nebunatico

  2. :)) asa nebunatica cum ma stii ;;)