08 January 2011

Things I Wanna Do with You

I wanna play in the snow with you. I wanna hold you tight. I wanna catch snowflakes in the palm of my hands and show them to you so that they will melt right away and you will smile at me with a you’re-incredible smile and tell me the obvious that the snowflakes melt easily, and I will put on my pouting face just so I can see you giggle at me and quickly catch me a snowflake and show it to me before it melts, smiling at me. I wanna make a snow angel so that you could help me up and write next to it that I am your angel, and I will hug you and you will pick me up and spin me once before kissing me shortly. I wanna throw snowballs at you and miss you as I fall on the snow laughing that I missed, and you would come up to me with a snowball in your hands and throw it at my face so I could chase you around in the snow. I wanna have a snowball fight afterwards where you would let me win just because you want to see me running around like a freak yelling that I beat you. I wanna go afterwards to my house and make a cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate and sit next to each other as we warm up smiling and laughing as we remember what the day was like. I wanna go out with you again so I could get you halfway home, and walk hand in hand as we reach the metro station, and just stay in front of the metro for 15 minutes not wanting to let go of each other, even though we know we will meet again tomorrow. As we finally let go, each of us returns home texting to each other how we already miss on another. I wanna fall asleep while thinking of you, knowing you are aware of my thoughts, of my feelings, knowing you are aware that I exist and that the next morning when I wake up I won’t feel it was all a dream because you will text me telling me good morning and that you dreamt of me last night, even though it might be a lie, knowing that it will bring a smile on my face as I would text you back that I also dreamt of you, knowing it is a fact, and that I’m still dreaming the perfect dream. Because you are all that I need and only you can make me feel like this, because I find myself everyday falling more and more deeply in love with you.

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