27 December 2010

Vampiresse in the Snow

As she was walking down the white path of glitter in her bold red, knee-length trench coat, she was gazing at the embellishment right before her eyes. The white snow carpet in front of her was untouched, new just like a Persian carpet just bought from the store. Only the snow she left behind had one pair of footsteps, hers. Her waist-length, black hair was covered in the same white glitter and was waving left and right with every step she took forward. She never looked back to see what she had left behind her. Her red hat kept her hair back perfectly. Her red lips were as bright as fresh blood on a pure white dress. Her silver eyes were lost, she wasn’t aware of where she was or where she was going to. Her smokey-eyes make-up was in perfect harmony with her gray eyes, red lips and the pureness of the white snow. Her black, long, curled up eyelashes, with two layers of mascara, had on every lash diamond starred snowflake. As this scene couldn’t get any more perfect, bigger snowflakes started glittering. She stopped as if pulled by an invisible string of the puppeteer master. She looked up towards the sky for two minutes until one snowflake got into her eye, melting down on her pure white cheek as if it were a sparkling sapphire teardrop. As she felt the melted snow run down her face, she awoke from the trance she was in, she noticed the scenery that surrounded her. It was like a perfect painting, exposed in the Louvre Museum, just like this day was supposed to be for her. Just like that, the story of the young vampiresse, presented in the painting “Vampiresse in the Snow”, ended.

The End.

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