23 November 2010

A Forest Scenery in its Winter Pride

a trecut o luna de cand am postat ultima data. si uite ca postez din nou. si din nou in engleza. tot paragraf descriptiv. un paragraf mai mare. un exercitiu pentru olimpiada la engleza ce urmeaza sa aibe loc pe 27 noiembrie in aceeasi zi cu balul.

Time stopped to admire this wonderful landscape that emerges right before my eyes. The ocean of snow covered the land as if it were a pure white dress complementing the beauty of a cold, misterious and graceful lady. The icy flowers waltzing through the shinning sky looked like confetti in the castle which you only see in fairytales. As the cold moon gazed with envy, striking this embellishment with its glares, everything quivered. The icycales hanging from the trees, surounding them, looked like weapons of self-destruction. The deadly trees were so close to eachother as if they formed an army to overpower the overproud moon. How can a scenery that beautiful be so deadly? There is no doubt this happens every winter night in a forest where the vanity of the moon overflows wanting the lake to be her personal mirror, wanting to outshine everything, not realising she is the one that holds this embellishment alltoghether.

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